How to Shop on EMI Without a Credit Card?

People prefer to shop on EMI, as it lets them make big purchases without paying the full amount upfront. This can help people manage their money better by spreading the cost over a longer period of time with fixed monthly payments. Moreover, this can be a tempting choice if you want to buy a costly item but need more money. Additionally, shopping on EMI without a Credit Card can be a more cost-effective choice for some people, as it might have lower interest rates than credit card EMIs.
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Do you want to escape using a credit card and shop on EMI? Here is your guide. 

Reasons Why People Prefer To Shop On EMI Without a Credit Card

Let us understand why people want to shop on EMI without a credit card. Following are some reasons that back up the above statement:

  • Accessibility: Some people do not have credit cards, while others have low credit scores. A low credit score makes acquiring a credit card difficult, so they prefer shopping on non-credit card EMI.
  • Affordability: EMI choices have lower interest rates than credit card EMIs, making them more affordable.
  • Availability: EMI options are readily available at various retail stores and online shopping platforms, inviting individuals to use this payment choice.
  • Budgeting: If you shop on EMI, you can budget your expenses better because you have a clear idea of your monthly expenditures.
  • Convenience: Shopping on EMI is a convenient option for those who need more funds to make big-ticket purchases.
  • Flexibility: If you shop on EMI, it will give you the flexibility to make big purchases without making full payments in a go. With set monthly payments, individuals can spread the expense over a longer period.
  • No Debt Accumulation: Individuals can avoid stockpiling debts on their credit cards owing to the gift of fixed monthly payments.
  • No Credit Checks: Credit card applications require checks, which is false when you shop on EMI without a credit card. It is a plus point for individuals with poor credit card history.
  • No Annual Fees: Credit cards usually come with some annual fees, while the EMI options may not have any fees.
  • Rewards: Some EMI shopping options, such as reward points or cashback offers, can bring extra benefits.

Using Non-Credit Card Options To Shop On EMI

The most widespread no-credit card options to shop on EMI and their usage are discussed below: 

Debit Card

Suppose you have a debit card provided by a bank. In that case, you do need to apply for a debit card EMI. You can check whether the debit card you have provides the EMI facility. 

  • In offline purchases, you must pay the full amount using your debit card. After the payment, you must request your bank’s customer care centre to convert your transaction into EMI.
  • In online purchases, you can select the easy instalment payment option on major shopping websites like Amazon and Flipkart. After this, you need to select the debit card EMI of your bank, which you will avail of if your bank gives the debit card EMI option on the product. You can also acquire the debit card facility of EMI by contacting the customer care centre of your bank.

Amazon Pay EMI

A selected Amazon Pay EMI customer would confirm the same as soon as they log in to their Amazon account. 

  • You may use the Amazon mobile App, find the Amazon Pay EMI registration page and click on it.
  • Enter the information asked and finish your registration.
  • After this, the Amazon program will evaluate your profile and display the EMI limit.
  • Carefully read and accept the terms and conditions.
  • Link your debit card/bank account for the EMI repayments for further facility use.
  • Select the Amazon Pay EMI option when you wish to pay for your purchases to access the facility and make payments.

Through Post Dated Cheques

You must have a bank account and an ample number of cheques to submit to the retailer to shop on EMI without a credit card through post-dated cheques.

  • Choose offline retailers that offer EMI facilities via post-dated cheques on particular products.
  • For EMI offerings, you must send the necessary number of post-dated checks in addition to the list of essential documents.
  • A monthly debited amount from your bank account will be witnessed until the purchase is repaid.
  • The retailer charges a minimal interest to benefit from this facility.


People who want to make large purchases may find it convenient and affordable to shop on EMI without a credit card. People can research the EMI alternatives provided by multiple retailers and online shopping portals to take advantage of this option and select the one that best matches their needs. The most common options to shop on EMI without a credit card include a debit card, Amazon Pay EMI, post-dated checks, etc. So now you can escape using your credit card for shopping by switching to a more convenient way through non-credit EMI methods.


What are the pros of buying things on no-cost EMI?

People who can not make full payments at once can arrange to pay it off monthly over time. No-cost EMIs provide an easy and quick method to get a loan for people with poor credit scores to borrow funds.

What is a safe EMI range?

The safe EMI ranges in different Banks and financial institutions vary. Usually, most financial institutions and banks guarantee that loan EMIs stay within 40–45 per cent of the borrower’s net salary.

Can you shop on EMI without a credit card?

You can shop for products on EMI without a credit card. If you do not have a credit card, you can still enjoy the privileges of shopping for products on EMI. You can use digitals, post-dated checks, or debit cards with EMIs to shop for your favourite products.

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