Godzilla Minus One Full Movie—is it streaming?

TitleGodzilla Minus One
Release DateOctober 18, 2023 (Shinjuku Toho Building) November 3, 2023 (Japan)
GenreAction, Adventure, Drama
CastsRyunosuke Kamiki, Minami Hamabe, Yuki Yamada, Munetaka Aoki, Hidetaka Yoshioka, Sakura Ando, Kuranosuke Sasaki
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Godzilla Minus One Full Movie: Plot

In 1945, near the completion of the Second World War, kamikaze pilot Kōichi Shikishima landed his Mitsubishi A6M No. at the Japanese base on Odo Island. Lead auto mechanic Sōsaku Tachibana explains that Shikishima had taken off from his duty by inventing technical concerns. That night, Godzilla, a large dinosaur-like creature, assaults the fort. Shikishima freezes up, cannot bring himself to fire the monster from his aircraft, and is knocked unconscious. Tachibana, the only other survivor of the assault, criticizes Shikishima for stopping working to act.

Shikishima returns home to discover that his parents were eliminated in the bombing of Tokyo. Afflicted by the survivor’s sense of guilt, he begins sustaining a woman, Noriko Ōishi, whose mom and dad also died in the battle, and an orphaned child, Akiko, whom Noriko rescued and locates employment aboard a minesweeper charged with disposing of marine mines from the Second World War. Godzilla destroys numerous ships en route to Japan as a result of the USA’s nuclear tests at Swimsuit Atoll, which alter and encourage it. Due to stress with the Soviet Union, the United States supplied no assistance in saving for a few decommissioned Imperial Japanese Navy vessels approved by General Douglas MacArthur. The Japanese federal government, concerned about causing panic, does not alert the public about the threat.

In May 1947, Shikishima and his minesweeper team travel to the Ogasawara Islands and are tasked with stalling Godzilla’s technique to Japan. They release a mine into Godzilla’s mouth and detonate it, triggering significant damages, however it promptly regenerates. The hefty cruiser Takao after that involves Godzilla, however is ultimately destroyed when Godzilla unleashes its heat ray. After going back to Tokyo, Shikishima opens up to Noriko about his encounters with Godzilla. Days later on, Godzilla makes landfall in Japan and strikes Ginza, where Noriko works. Noriko narrowly endures the preliminary assault and reunites with Shikishima. Angered by container fire, Godzilla obliterates a lot of the district with its warm ray, killing tens of thousands. Noriko is caught in the blast and presumed dead. Ravaged by the loss, Shikishima pledges revenge.

Discouraged by the federal government’s inaction, one of the minesweeper’s crew, previous marine engineer Kenji Noda, devises a strategy to destroy Godzilla by tempting it bent on Sagami Bay before bordering it with Freon tanks and bursting them, decreasing the water’s buoyancy and sinking it, allowing the resultant water stress to crush it. If the strategy stops working, balloons will certainly be blown up under Godzilla to force it back up, eliminating it with explosive decompression. To establish his plan, Noda has hired navy experts to crew disarmed IJN destroyers. Shikishima hires Tachibana to fix a broken-down Kyushu J7W Shinden competitor. He intends to eliminate Godzilla in a suicide strike by flying right into its mouth and detonating the eruptive costs aboard. He leaves Akiko in the care of his neighbor Sumiko before Godzilla resurfaces.

As Shikishima entices Godzilla to the catch established by two destroyers, Sumiko receives a stunning telegram intended for Shikishima. Godzilla survives the preliminary dive and afterward breaks complimentary prior to being forced back up, suffering terrible injuries from the resultant decompression-induced barotrauma. With the help of a fleet of tugboats, the ships haul Godzilla to the surface. A mutilated and angered Godzilla prepares to destroy all the vessels with its warm rays, however, Shikishima crashes the aircraft into its mouth and destroys its head, creating the energy of the heat ray to tear its body apart. The team celebrates as Shikishima ejects prior to the surge and parachutes to safety, having in mind that Tachibana showed him an ejection seat that he installed in the Shinden, imploring him to let go of his sense of guilt and live again.

Upon returning home, Sumiko provides Shikishima with the telegram, which leads him to a hospital where he reunites with Noriko, who survived the devastation yet has a black swelling creeping up her neck. On the other hand, a chunk of Godzilla’s flesh starts to restore itself as it penetrates the sea.

Why is it called Godzilla Minus One?

The title “Minus One” symbolizes Japan’s lowest point after World War II, and the emergence of Godzilla worsened the country’s already dire state, taking it below zero.

Where can I watch Godzilla Minus 1?

Godzilla Minus One is not currently streaming, and Toho hasn’t announced a streaming launch date. Settlements might result in a bidding battle for streaming rights. Its release depends on safeguarding an offer.

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