5 Best Antiviruses For Gaming PCs In The Market

So far, antivirus is only meant for protecting computers from malware and virus programs. Gaming computers should have been taken more seriously in this field. As the popularity of online gamers increased, cybercriminals started targeting gaming platforms to inject malicious programs into the system. These platforms became easy and convenient targets for the black hats to steal data and commit online fraud. Built-in defenders and traditional antivirus could not block these new malicious programs, as they easily bypassed these security blockades. New antivirus versions took this issue seriously and built gamer-friendly security features. Some of the best antiviruses for gaming PCs use advanced security systems to deal with the latest virus infiltration issues injected through gaming platforms.

If you are a game enthusiast worried about your online security, you should look for intelligent antivirus software equipped with the latest and most advanced security features.

You must look for gamer-friendly features in your software that are fully compatible with the gaming PC and successfully create a safe environment for you. With so many options available, choosing the best antiviruses for gaming PCs becomes quite tricky. To resolve this issue, we have reviewed some of the most popular antivirus software that can provide you with comprehensive internet security from malware, ransomware, and online hijackers.

5 Best Antiviruses For Gaming PCs


It is considered one of the best antivirus software that provides you with complete protection from web attacks, adware, malware, and ransomware. You can use it across different platforms and devices, including MacOS, iOS, & Android. If you are playing games with your friends on other devices, you can apply multi-device protection to all the operating systems involved in the gameplay at the same time.

With Bitdefender, you get exclusive features that include a firewall, a microphone, and webcam security. It has unique parental control configurations that keep your child secure from cybercriminals while they are actively playing games with their friends. Here are some more features that are designed to offer you an exclusive gameplay experience:

  • Automatic gaming mode for suppressing unwanted ads and content.
  • Detects and removes complex malicious programs effectively.
  • Optimize PC performance while you are playing games online.
  • Run background scans to detect threats while you are playing online.
  • Offers VPN security & password management tools to protect personal information.
  • It automatically downloads new updates for essential apps and programs.
  • Offers a free version with the essential security tools available online.


TotalAV is top-notch security software suitable for Gaming PC security. It is fully compatible with these operating systems, whether you are using Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS devices. It is a first-rate malware solution that effectively blocks annoying ads, protects important passwords, and keeps your identity hidden while browsing the web. You can easily deal with phishing attacks, spam, and network breaches using the web shield and robust firewall technology built into this program. Its exclusive gaming mode provides you with a silent and hassle-free environment free of notifications, ads, or pop-up messages. A lightweight design and cloud database are highly effective in enhancing system performance. In addition to this, It offers you the following security features:

  • Identify & block viruses entering your system to wreak havoc.
  • Free up junk files, clean the system, and optimize CPU performance.
  • Create a safe environment for the gameplay community
  • It comes with safe VPN browsing and an integrated firewall system.
  • Real-time protection monitors essential programs for malware infection
  • Great for network security and enhanced privacy during online browsing.

Surfshark AV

Surfshark is an excellent antivirus for gaming computers. It has a lightweight design that takes minimal resources from the CPU and runs silently in the background. As a result, it does not hug your system application, which enables optimal system performance. With a user-friendly interface, you can easily set and configure it on your gaming computer. It is quick at detecting dangers and fast at blocking them.

You can schedule full system scans for your free time and check the notifications when you are not playing a game. Surf Shark offers you an accessible environment that blocks all distracting content, including ads and update notifications and keeps all the malware and virus threats in check without compromising your security. It provides critical protection features that are important to fend off online threats. Here are the main security features that it offers you:

  • It is good at removing game platforms’ malware, viruses, and bugs.
  • Its robust VPN system encrypts your network and intercepts hacking attempts.
  • It offers real-time protection and constantly scans apps and programs for viruses.
  • It sends data leak alerts if any malicious program breaks in or breaches the database.
  • You can start an intelligent scan to check for a virus infection on the computer with only two clicks.
  • It regularly updates its virus database to capture the latest threats without fail.
  • Its gaming mode offers a better gaming experience that blocks all distractions efficiently.


Norton stands tall among the top antivirus solutions, with exceptional security features for gaming PCs. It offers a complete range of security, privacy, and malware detection options for hardcore game lovers. Norton lets you detect games automatically, sort out FPS slowdowns, turn off power-consuming programs on your CPU, and optimize game-related software. With this anti-malware program on your system, you will be able to enjoy the following features:

  • It creates a secure, risk-free, and unbreachable network for online gameplay purposes.
  • It prevents doxing attacks and secures your privacy and data from online virus attacks.
  • Keeps the CPU away from overburden and extra traffic to keep the system running smoothly.
  • It separates products, hardware, software, and services to enhance the experience.
  • It offers many features, functionalities, versatility, and configuration options.


Avira is one of the best antivirus software, effectively offering game-boosting features and malware removal. When you play games, it turns off other unnecessary programs running in your system. This enables optimal system performance for the ultimate gameplay experience. Moreover, its game mode schedules notifications for a time when you have finished playing your games so that you can enjoy a distraction-free playing time. Here are some key features of

  • It offers a VPN that protects your identity, location, and online network.
  • The secure password vault keeps all the important credentials safe from loss and theft.
  • It has a proven track record of busting malware and malicious threats.
  • It uses the latest cloud technology to locate and eliminate complex and latest malware threats.
  • You can also enjoy a free version of Avira, which offers essential malware removal tools.

Top Features of the Best Antiviruses For Gaming PCs

With a long range of antivirus software across the internet, choosing the right one with the optimal security features can be exhaustive for you. It requires expertise and in-depth knowledge to compare and choose the best antiviruses for gaming PCs. Due to lack of information, you may end up choosing the wrong antimalware for you. If you are having this issue, then don’t worry. We are here to help you out with this issue. For your ease, we are providing a concise list of top-notch antivirus features that you must look for when you are buying security software for your PC. They are as follows:

PC performance optimization

PC performance optimization is of utmost importance for gaming PCs. Make sure to pick up antivirus software that eases the CPU and GPU burden to enable a seamless and enhanced gaming experience. It will protect your computer from harmful programs and minimize the effect on the processing unit’s power.

Malware Detection Rates

You can check online malware detection rates available from authorized testing labs. You can apply positive evaluations to your computer system if you find positive evaluations involving a diverse range of benefits. A licensed antivirus software testing agency uses rigorous tests, combining them with the hands-on experiences of regular users. It collects data from various resources and includes individual testimonials to judge the services of the software. After conducting all this exhaustive work, they present you with a reliable and informed report. A high-rated antivirus software with better functionalities will be your computer’s best security solution. 

Realtime Protection

Realtime protection is one of the most essential security features in antivirus software because it instantly prevents malware infiltration and infection from your device. It blocks malicious programs from entering your computer as soon as they appear or make any move to access your PC. With this feature, you can proactively defend your device from malware, viruses, and spyware when browsing online. So always look for this feature when you are looking for the best antiviruses for gaming PCs.

Ease of Use

Whether you’re a professional or a first-time user, the ease of downloading, installing, and managing antimalware programs makes it more effective for you to deal with malware attacks. A user-friendly interface allows easy access to devices for all levels of users. It will be more useful to configure the security settings for gaming purposes. You can set up certain settings as per your needs and activate them whenever needed.


Compare and contrast the prices that different software solutions charge for their services. Identify optimal protection feature sets available at the most reasonable prices. By doing so, you can get antivirus solutions that deliver outstanding value, ensuring that users can access top-tier protection and robust features without breaking the bank. If you find cost-effective options for a complete internet security suite, you can grab the deal.

Customer Support

Accessible, responsive, and qualified customer support for resolving your technical issues is essential to keeping you on track and protected from malware attacks without any problems. It will help you resolve common issues quickly and get you back on track without compromising your security. Hence, ensure that the software you are getting offers online customer support services to listen to your queries and provide complete guidance about every issue. 

FAQs for Best Antiviruses for Gaming PCs

Do I really need antivirus software for my gaming PC?

Yes, antivirus software is a must if you want to protect your Gaming PC from malware, ransomware, spyware, or phishing attacks. It will safeguard your computer from viruses and online hackers and enhance your playtime experience.

Will Antivirus Software Affect Game Performance?

No, most antivirus programs are designed to be lightweight. They run silently in the background. Instead, it optimizes the system by keeping it clean of junk files and turning off unnecessary files running during your playtime. Its game-friendly features make the system work fast and provide the required power to run different programs optimally.

What Features Should I Look For In Antivirus Software For Gaming?

Some of the key features that you should look for when buying your computer security software are gaming mode, compatibility with gaming platforms, low system impact, real-time protection, and phishing protection tools.

How Many Times Should I Run Virus Scans On My PC?

You are advised to run a virus scan regularly to keep virus infection in check. You can schedule scans for a time when you are not using your computer. If you are free and want to keep your system clean, you can also run manual malware scans any time you like. Running regular scans keeps your system healthy and free of junk files and malicious programs.

Can I Use Free Antivirus Software For My PC?

Yes, you can avail free antivirus software for your device’s protection. Free software can offer essential features that are helpful in suppressing common malware attacks. But if you are looking for an advanced solution that provides enhanced safety, better support, and top-notch components, then you are advised to go for the paid version. It offers a complete internet security suite.

What should I do if my antivirus detects a false positive?

False positives are executables (.exe) in the system commands that have codes similar to the malware codes. If you ever come across this situation at any time, you should refer to antimalware documentation or connect to customer support for guidance on how to solve this problem.

How Do You Protect Gaming Accounts From Phishing Attacks?

To protect your accounts from phishing attacks, you have to practice safe browsing precautions. In these measures, you should avoid unsafe emails, messages, and attached links in this marketing content. Make sure that you use multi-factor authentication parameters to protect your login details.

Are mobile devices connected to gaming accounts at risk?

Yes, if you are using mobile devices to stay connected to your PC, then they are also at risk. You must download mobile antivirus software and keep it active while you are connected to different applications online. Mobile-version antimalware solutions are readily available online.

How Does best Antiviruses for Gaming PCs Prevent In-Game Fraud or Trading Scams?

In-game fraud or trading scams are a common phenomenon on gaming platforms. On these platforms, people exploit others for personal games. They exchange in-game items, currencies, and accounts with others. Security software can block these attacks and frauds effectively. It creates a safe environment for the users where no dark player can enter your network.

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